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M-COLL Collagen Candy
~ Formulated in Japan
~ Convenient, can consume without drinking water
~ Slight strawberry flavor, no fishy smell
M-COLL Candy's Ingredients:
Strawberry ~ increase skin elasticity
Orange ~ vitamin C, skin whitening
Oat ~ improve skin moisturizing and prevent dryness
Grape ~ delay skin aging and skin brightening
Deep sea fish gelatin ~ skin firming
M-COLL Candy's Effects:
1-2 weeks ~ skin becomes brighter and ruddy, dry skin becomes smooth and moisture
2-3 weeks ~ refine fine lines and wrinkles, pores become smaller, skin becomes elastic and fluffy
3-4 weeks ~ lighten dark spots and freckles, skin become delicate and glorious
More than 4 weeks ~ maintain flawless skin, anti-aging
M-COLL Advantages: 
1. Dilute the stain, freckles, the elderly spot
2. Dilute fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles
3. Anti-oxidation
4. Whitening effect
5. Protect the skin
6. Anti-UV damage
7. Prevent aging
8. Shrink pores
9. Long-lasting moisturizing
10. Firming the skin
M-COLL Unique Advantages:
1. Small molecule weighted 1000 dalton, which enables deep penetration into the dermis and increases the digestion and total absorption for effective results
2. High antioxidant ingredients ~ Vitamin A, C, E , activate skin elastin and skin brightening.
3. High quality ~ concentration up to 99%, advanced technology of collagen extracted frp, deep sea cod fish
4. Recognized by Malaysian Department of Food Safety and Quality (BKKM)
-- 60 pc per box, 3 boxes for a course of treatment -- 
Recommended dosage: 2 tablets (twice per day, 1 each)
* Best time to consume: Early morning with empty stomach (best absorption effect) & before sleep *
* Dark spots / freckles / erythema are recommended to take 2 tablets in the morning and 2 tablets at night, 3 weeks will see desalination *
* Vegetarian should pay attention to because the product contains marine fish made of collagen *
* Pregnant women / nursing mothers can consume as well *
* Suitable for age range 18-80 years old *